“…Creativity is an act of surrender.
A wild, brave act of surrender.
Of letting go.
Listening to instinct and just putting one word, or brush stroke, or note, or photo, or foot, in front of another.
Telling yourself you can, telling yourself you’re possible.
Committing yourself to whatever you need to do to get yourself home.
Being bold enough to make your own way there.
To pull your own second heart out and reveal its contours.
To follow the line of your story.”

Holly Ringland

About the Author

Being able to write is as essential to my being as breathing. And writing is about more than putting words down on a page, it is about being able to express yourself with honesty and without censure. It is about reaching out and connecting with people, it is about legacy. It is about pushing yourself to learn, to keep creating (even when doubt takes over). Writing is about grit.

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